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33 kv pin type insulator,33KV 5KN polymer pin insulator

33KV 5KN polymer pin insulator is one type of the 33 kv pin type insulator, which is also called silicone rubber pin type insulators and consisting of insulation sheath, metal end fittings and FRP core.

About 33 KV  pin type insulator/33KV 5KN polymer pin insulator:
33KV 5KN polymer pin insulators have conventionally been made of  fiber glass resin core, metal and silicone rubber. These materials have outstanding insulating properties and weather resistance, and have advantages of light weight, easily to install, and subject to aging of their withstand voltage properties when polluted.

 33KV 5KN polymer pin insulator                            33KV polymer pin insulator

33KV Porcelain pin insulator has advantage of heavy weight and easy tobroken. Compared to porcelain insulator, polymer pin insulator has advantages: light weight, good pollution performance, self-cleaning, acid and corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance and shock resistance and so on.  33 kv pin type insulator developed and gradually replace 33KV porcelain pin insulator; more and more countries used 33KV Composite pin insulators.

The quality of the rod is adjective use for the long term mechanical reliability of 33KV 5KN polymer pin insulator. Mechanical reliability is one of the important 33KV 5KN polymer pin insulator parameters, except, high voltage, materials are also important.

33KV 5KN polymer pin insulator /33 kv pin type insulator parameters:

Technical data:
rated voltage
creepage distance
dry arcing distance
specified mechanical load
power frequency flashover voltage
lightning impulse flashover voltage
grey or red


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