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The application of pin insulator in overhead line

Overhead line is an important part of the power system, insulator in overhead line is indispensable.

 pin insulator

There are mainly three types of insulator used as overhead insulator:
1. Pin insulator
2. Strain insulator
3 Suspension insulator

Pin insulator is made of a non-conductive material, such as glass, ceramic, or polymer. Among some of the earliest insulators produced, materials such as porcelain or glass were commonly employed. In the 20th century, composite pin insulator is more popular now.

The earliest needle insulators before the strain insulator, pin insulators are the earliest development of overhead insulator, popularly used in power network up to 33KV system. Depending on the voltage difference, the shape of the pin insulator will be different.

The basic function of pin insulator is to support the line, but also helps to ensure that the conductor cables and lines connected safety. Pin insulators presence is very important in overhead line.

In addition to composite pin insulator, Orient Power also offers porcelain pin insulator, you can choose according to your needs.


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