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110kv porcelain insulator outdoor

110kv porcelain insulator outdoor, the main role is to connect the wires to the bracket, from insulation, mechanical connection and support role.

110kv porcelain insulator outdoor

110kv porcelain insulator outdoor mainly used for substations, with good hydrophobicity, aging resistance, resistance to tracking and resistance to electrical erosion resistance, with high tensile strength and flexural strength, high mechanical strength, impact resistance, shock and good anti-brittle fracture properties.

110kv porcelain insulator outdoor feature:
Cold shrink stress cone is easy to install
Excellent performance silicone rubber of the stress cone ensures long term operation
Reliable sealing sleeve
Oil heating is easy, filling is quick, and the whole process is convenient.

110kv porcelain insulator outdoor is characterized by small size, compacting structure, light weight, easy installation and maintenance free.


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