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11KV silicone rubber pin insulator

As a pin insulator manufacturer, Orient Power produced professional high quality silicone rubber pin insulator, also includes porcelain pin type insulators. 11KV Silicone rubber pin insulator is an important type of insulators. Our factory was established in 1978 with long composite pin insulator history.

11KV silicone rubber pin insulator:
Silicone rubber pin insulators gradually replace porcelain pin type insulator. Why? Because the making craft of silicone rubber pin insulator materials are simpler than porcelain pin type insulators. For example porcelain pin type insulator materials include choosing soil, mix materials in proportion, filtering, eliminate air extrusion and molding, drying, glazing, into the melting pot into a porcelain insulator; the materials are made of less than four steps. And the composite pin insulators can use mould. The high temperature vulcanization materials inject molded directly to make insulator.

silicone rubber pin insulator                 11KV silicone rubber pin insulator

Silicone rubber pin insulator:
Since 1978 our factory mainly produces power fittings and other electrical equipment. With the time flying and economy developing, we started composite pin insulator in 1999. We own 15 years’ experience for composite pin insulator and nearly 30 years to supply electrical equipment.

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