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11KV/12KV Composite pin type insulator

11KV/12KV Composite pin type insulator monitoring:
End fittings for 11KV/12KV Composite pin type insulator need sufficient gripping force to achieve the required tensile strength without damaging the rod. Cutting edge technology is present in the Orient 11KV/12KV composite pin type insulators process including the monitoring of crimping under compression of the end fitting on the fiberglass rod. The latest evolution of more than 20 year development of acoustic monitoring technique is fully integrated to our process, removing the unknown of non-visible damage in the rod under the metal end fitting. This is one more major contribution to the dependability of the Orient 11KV/12KV Composite pin insulators.

11KV/12KV Composite pin type insulator               Composite pin insulator

11KV/12KV Composite pin type insulator Interface integrity monitoring
The longitudinal interface along the fiberglass rod and the rubber housing is highly critical in regard to risks of internal tracking if this interface is not perfect. Thanks to the injection moulding process, the Orient design offers the strongest possible bonding and adherence between these two components. Additionally, Orient designed an exclusive non-destructive testing method based on ultrasonic technique to validate, on a sampling basis, the quality of this interface. This control performed on finished 11KV/12KV composite pin insulator offers one more step in the advanced dependability of our 11KV/12KV composite pin type insulators.

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