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11kV &33kV Composite Pin Type Insulator tests

11kV &33kV Composite Pin Type Insulator tests include design tests, type tests, sampling tests and routine tests shall be done in accordance with the requirement of IEC 1109, IEC 383, ISO 1460 and the requirements of this specification. It shall be the responsibility of the manufacturer to perform or to have performed all the tests specified.

Pin Type Insulator tests

Pin Type Insulator tests

For the purpose of this specification the definitions given in the reference standards shall apply. Firstly, we shall understand what is a pin insulator?
According to IEC 61109:2008, composite insulator made of at least two insulating parts, namely a core and a housing equipped with metal fittings. NOTE Composite insulators, for example, can consist either of individual sheds mounted on the core, with or without an intermediate sheath, or alternatively, of a housing directly moulded or cast in one or several pieces on to the core.

Secondly, we shall know about the technical parameters of 11kV and 33kV composite pin type insulators. The mechanical and electrical characteristics of the insulators shall be as follows.

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