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11kV Polymeric pin insulator

The original polymer application was at distribution voltages. 11kV Polymeric pin insulator made from polymer material used low voltage lines.

11kV Polymeric pin insulator

The advantages of 11kV Polymeric pin insulators
◆ Suited to contaminated environments
◆ Excellent acid resistance
◆ Excellent creepage distance
◆ Avoid lightning impulse
◆ Anti-pollution resistance

When a contaminated 11kV Polymeric pin insulator becomes wet, leakage currents begin to flow on the surface.

How to avoid leakage currents for 11kV Polymeric pin insulator?
If the leakage currents reach a high enough level, 11kV Polymeric pin insulator will experience an external flashover. The rate at which the insulator dries is critical to the performance of the product.

Compared to porcelain pin insulator, ageing of 11kV Polymeric pin insulators has less service time. But the low cost and other excellent resistance for polymer insulators is important

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