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11kv disc insulator

11kv disc insulator is popular insulator and widely used on 11kv power lines, which is normally made from porcelain material.

11kv disc insulator

The hydrophobic resistance is one of electrical properties for 11kv disc insulator, we should do water penetration test. How do this test?
◆ Firstly, we should select three insulators for this test
◆ Secondly, determine the power frequency flashover voltage of the insulators in accordance with ANSI C29.11 and IEC 60383
◆ Thirdly measure the hardness of two sheds of each insulator in accordance with ASTM D2240 with a shore.
◆ Boil each insulator in water having 0.1% by weight of NaCl
◆ At the end of boiling, allow each insulator to remain in the water until the water cools to about 50℃, maintain this temperature in the water until the insulator demand test
◆ Record the insulator data and evaluation

11kv disc insulator is designed in disc shapes, can be divided into
◆ Common disc insulator
◆ Anti-fog (pollution) insulator – bell type, double shed type, triple shed type

11kv disc insulator shall be tested before shipping, they can use on distribution power lines for supporting and insulating.


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