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12KV pin insulator,composite pin type insulators

Composite pin type insulators have been designed and tested to meet the requirements of ANSI 29.11, IEC61109. 12KV pin insulator is used for high voltage line facilities in normal and polluted area.

composite pin type insulators             12KV pin insulator

The application of 12KV pin insulator:
Top and bottom of composite pin type insulators installed are the same as the corresponding size of porcelain pin insulator. The top fitting of 12KV pin insulator is used to support wires and bottom fitting of 12KV pin insulator is mounted on wooden or steel cross arm. Composite pin type insulators are used on high voltage power system to hang conductors. They are ideal for use in HVAC and in most HV application.

The raw material used for designing these composite pin type insulators is best quality. The fiber rod uses the ECR high-temperature and acid-proof material. 12KV pin insulator End fitting: High Quality Steel Compressed with Fully Automated Crimping machine. A coating of composite pin type insulators in silicone rubber protects the central rod from external factors (humidity, chemical contamination and so on).

Some tests were performed on some composite pin type insulators of the Orient Power according to the IEC 61109 standard. The Orient 12KV pin insulator products performed some tests were comparable to the standard ANSI C29.11.

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