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15KV pin insulator,polymer pin type insulators

The following explanations cover the polymer pin type insulators manufacturing processes and associated quality control for composite 15KV pin insulator for HV distribution lines at Orient Power.

polymer pin type insulators             15KV pin insulator

The polymer pin type insulators end fittings are typically supplied in large volumes; hence statistical methods are used to check the quality on a number of specimens which are considered to be representative of the15KV pin insulator products supply. The composite 15KV pin insulator end fittings properties to be tested and approved are as follows: Volume, Main dimensions, Steel composition, Hardness, Galvanizing thickness and Internal surface.

The polymer pin type insulators rods are manufactured with the continuous pultrusion process. This method has been perfected with the growth of the composite insulator technology and today offers highly efficient production combined with 15KV pin insulator products that meet the high quality required for electrical applications.

For each metal grade (steel, aluminium etc.) and each combination of polymer pin type insulators end fitting and rod diameters, an empirically established field of crimp parameters is applied. The high viscosity of the preferred HTV-Silicone Rubber system requires high pressure injection moulding to manufacturing the 15KV pin insulator.

So, the quality of main materials and the technology of the manufacturing processes are the important factors of a better 15KV pin insulator.

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