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22KV pin type composite insulators,polymer pin insulator

22KV pin type composite insulators are for use on overhead power lines. There are many superior specifications which ensure the good performance of this kind of silicone rubber polymer pin insulator.

22KV pin type composite insulators operation conditions:
The polymer pin insulator shall be suitable for continuous operation outdoors in tropical areas at altitudes of up to 2000m above sea level, humidity of up to 90%, average ambient temperature of +30ºC with a minimum of -1ºC and a maximum of +40ºC, heavy saline conditions along the coast and tropical sunshine conditions. The level of galvanizing for all ferrous parts and materials used on 22KV pin type composite insulators shall be suitable for these conditions.

22KV pin type composite insulators             22KV pin type insulator

The 22KV composite pin insulators shall be manufactured to IEC 61109, other applicable /latest IEC standards and the requirements of these operation conditions.

Shooting resistance property gives 22KV pin type composite insulators a substantially better performance in case of a severe mechanical impact, such as a gunshot. The revolver shots at a distance of 10 m did not damaged the fibreglass rod, while the bullets that struck the pin type insulator at an angle of 90° damaged the rod without impairing the good working of the silicone insulators.

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