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22kV pin insulator specification

 22kV pin insulator is manufactured, tested and designed and delivery in accordance with 22kV pin insulators specification. The insulators shall be porcelain / composite type pin insulators

22kV pin insulator specification

IEC pin insulator specification

The 22kV pin insulator specification shall require that bidder must be an indigenous manufacturer and supplier of porcelain/composite type insulators of ratings 33 kV or must have developed proven in house technology and manufacturing process for porcelain/composite type insulators of above rating or possess technical collaboration/association with a manufacturer of porcelain type insulators of ratings 33 kV or above.

22kV pin insulator used in service conditions:

Maximum ambient temperature, ℃ 50
Minimum ambient temperature, ℃ 3.5
Relative humidity, % 10 to 100
Maximum annual rainfall, mm 1450
Maximum wind pressure, kg/m sq. 150
Maximum wind velocity, km/h 45
Maximum altitude above mean sea level, m 1000
Isoceraunic level, (days/year) 50
Seismic level (horizontal acceleration), g 0.3

22kV pin insulator shall be tested by insulator manufacturers in accordance the 22kV pin insulator specification or international standards.


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