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25KV pin insulator,silicone rubber pin type insulators

Silicone rubber pin type insulators are playing an important part in the electrical transmission and distribution power system. 25KV pin insulator in silicone rubber is widely used in recently years at home and abroad.

25KV pin insulator             silicone rubber pin type insulators

Silicone rubber pin type insulators consist of fiberglass rod core, housing, sheds, metal end fittings and silicone rubber. 25KV pin insulator is manufactured by protrusion process using boron free ECR grade glass fibre having requirement mechanical and electrical characteristics. The end fittings were made of Hop dip galvanized cast steel for metal fittings. The design of the silicone rubber pin type insulators shed adopted unique aerodynamics principle.

Our clamp-top clamp can be mounted on the Horizontal & Vertical 25KV pin insulator that has the VC or the HC top end fitting. The clamp-top clamp is in aluminium and can be used with conductors from 10 mm up to 36 mm diameter size. Orient has developed a system that allows the 25KV pin insulator having high bending, traction, torsion and compression loads.

Silicone rubber pin type insulators Tests included visual inspection, voltage withstand, pollution measurements (ESDD & NSDD), hydrophobicity measurements, chemical analysis and mechanical failing load. Our clients can buy these polymeric25KV pin insulator products from us at a good quality with reasonable price.


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