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33 kv pin insulators

33 kv pin insulators include 33 kv porcelain pin insulators and 33 kv composite pin type insulators. Composite pin insulators can be divided into tie top pin insulator and clamp top pin insulator.

33 kv pin insulator               composite 33 kv pin insulator

Porcelain pin insulators 33 kv:
Pin insulators of one piece or Multipiece construction are widely used in low cost distribution lines. All Orient 33 kv pin insulators are RUS accepted where a specific RUS classification exists. Pin insulator spindles include short spindle and long spindle. Two types of standard insulator pins, steel or lead head are available.

33 kv composite pin insulators:
Composite pin type insulator as one type of composite polymer insulator also called polymer silicone rubber pin insulator. Composite insulator consists of FRP core, silicone rubber shed and end fittings. Fittings at both ends of the insulator are biggest difference with other types of insulators. It has outstanding resistance to environmental factors such as acids and moisture.

Over the years, Orient has developed numerous new products for specific needs of its customers and possesses the capability of developing new 33 kv pin insulators products from scratch to fulfill the customer’s requirements.


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