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33KV pin insulator,silicone rubber pin type insulators

For silicone rubber pin type insulators, the voltage ranges normally from 10kV to 36kV and mainly used in distribution lines. 33KV pin insulator is the most common type used all over the world.

33KV pin insulator             silicone rubber pin type insulators

Silicone rubber pin type insulators are made of glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin rod of high strength, sheath, weathersheds and metal end fittings. A central rod in ECR fiberglass (corrosion resistant) impregnated with epoxy resin or polyester resin. 33KV pin insulator has hop dip galvanized cast steel for metal fittings. The sheds are made from the characteristic to repel water of polymer material.

The anti-pollution design makes the silicone rubber pin type insulators work better under high pollution areas or sea side. Whole moulding and single injection process way of silicone rubber provide the composite 33KV pin insulator better connection among sealing place.

Some tests were performed on some composite 33KV pin insulator of the Orient Power according to the IEC 61109 standard. Our customers can take these silicone rubber pin type insulators from us at a reasonable and low price. Orient Power can provide 33KV pin insulator type number guide, pin insulator price guide, insulator product design and recommend suitable 33kv pin insulator products, if you need.

The Orient Power, keeping into account the problems of using organic materials, developed a high quality 33KV pin insulator product with interesting mechanical and electrical features as well as a good pollution resistance.

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