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33KV pin insulators

Orient Power offer a deal in wide range of 33KV pin insulators. We manufacture 33KV pin insulators made from porcelain or polymer materials, also known as porcelain pin type insulator or composite pin insulators.

33KV pin insulator

33KV pin insulator

33KV pin insulator has many advantages:
◆ Excellent anti-pollution performance, suitable for high polluted area
◆ Especially polymer pin insulators have free of cleaning, economical maintenance and suitable for difficult maintenance area
◆ No need of zero value check
◆ Light weight, easy and economical to transportation and installation
◆ Reduce the purchasing quantities for spare parts.

The advantage of 33KV pin insulators makes the using of this type product more and more popular. We can manufacture high quality and competitive price for you choices. 


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