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33kv insulators

Each of 33kv insulators was inspected after shipping, whether or not the 33kv insulators is qualified. Factory will experiment with all 33kv insulators. 33kV insulators include pin insulators, pin post insulators, line post insulator and suspension insulator.

33kv insulators             33kv pin insulators

33kv insulators test machine:
Orient Power adopts the present utility model technology program. A 33kv insulator fitting locking pin tensile testing machine, including the frame, there is a fixed center of the rack mount fittings, the fittings described mounting seat is provided with a fixed pulley; along the bottom of the rack gear is mounted a drive motor, the output shaft of the reducer connected to rope, the rope around the fixed pulley connected after the shackle, the unloading buckle belt tension sensor mounting hook, said tension sensor output signal to programmable controllers, upper outer rack mounted controller with programmable touch screen.

33kv insulators tests:
Model technology machine can strength 33kv insulators quality, such as composite pin insulator or porcelain pin type insulator. There are many factors contributing to 33kV insulator are need to be tested, such as high voltage, high strength, creeage distance and so on. According to the experiment data, we can improve the quality of the 33KV and composite insulator drawings.

The 33kv insulators tests are indispensible. As a leader pin insulator manufacturer, Orient Power insures 33kV insulators quality. You want to buy this type insulator, please contact us.


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