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33kv pin insulator

Orient Power can supply the entire range of ceramic insulators. The high tension insulators include pin insulator, disc insulators, post insulators, solid core porcelain post type as well as low tension insulators of transformed bushings, shackle type insulators, spool type insulators, reel type insulators, pin type insulators and guy strain insulators.

33kv pin insulator

33kv pin insulator

33kv pin insulator are made of glass fiber epoxy core rod, silicone rubber shed and metal fitting .The silicone rubber shed adopt the whole packing pressure technique, and then to solve problem of interface electric spark puncture. Connections of the glass fiber rod and metal fittings, adopts the pressure welding technique of the international advanced level, and have the full automatic sound wave detection of defects system.

Advantage of 33kv pin insulator: 33kv pin insulator has excellent anti-pollution performance, suitable for high polluted area; 33kv pin insulator free of cleaning, economical maintenance and suitable for difficult maintenance area; 33kv pin insulator no need of zero value check; 33kv pin insulator light weight, easy and economical to transportation and installation; 33kv pin insulator not brittle, and reduce the purchasing quantities for spare parts.

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