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35KV pin insulator,polymer pin type insulators

We offer high quality polymer pin type insulators whose shed is damaged, there will be little decrease in flashover voltage and power supply will not be disturbed, such as 35KV pin insulator.

polymer pin type insulators             35KV pin insulator

35KV pin insulator or polymer pin type insulators specifications:
High mechanical strength in relation to weight
Lighter support mechanical structures
Higher discharge voltage in highly polluted environments
Higher ultra-violet (UV) radiation resistance
Ease of installation as easier to handle and transport
Resistance to breakage and vandalism, practically unbreakable
Overall better handling of shock loads
More aesthetically pleasing the eye, and smaller profile

For the outstanding advantages, it was a logical step to use the polymer pin type insulators concept with Silicone Rubber housing for station and line applications as well. The end seal of 35KV pin insulator adopted the high temperature sulfuration to ensure the reliable sealing performance of the metal fitting.

The polymer pin type insulators consist of a cylindrical solid insulating core, bearing the mechanical load, protected by an elastomeric housing, the loads being transmitted to the core by metal fittings. Positive results of 35KV pin insulator at the tests are according to the standard IEC 61109, IEC 61952 & ANSI 29-11.

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