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ANSI 55-3 insulator,porcelain pin insulators

As a main type of porcelain pin insulators, ANSI 55-3 insulator is needed by the clients from all over the world. ANSI 55-3 insulator is made of porcelain unit and used for LV, MV and HV distribution lines.

ANSI 55-3 insulator,porcelain pin insulators              porcelain pin insulator

Our range of porcelain pin insulators is manufactured as per ANSI standards to ensure trouble free operation. These ANSI 55-3 insulator products are available in both one piece and multi piece construct are less vulnerable to damage and can normally withstand the line voltage for a considerable time without difficulty.

These porcelain pin insulators can be provided with zinc-sleeve pins and ANSI 55-3 insulator is Radio freed insulator with semi-conductor glaze on the top. We can complete all the tests of ANSI 55-3 insulator.

Orient Power is a service-focused company that takes pride having porcelain pin insulators knowledge and quality products to offer. We process raw material ourselves, make spindle of the porcelain pin insulators by ourselves, we can control all quality process of porcelain pin type insulator exactly and improve the delivery time a lot on each batch.

Ideally, an ANSI 55-3 insulator once installed should be maintenance free and forgotten by the operator of the line for several decades. Reasonable porcelain pin insulators price are available for you.


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