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ANSI 55-4 pin insulator,porcelain pin insulators

Orient Power is a Manufacturer & Exporter of porcelain pin insulators. ANSI 55-4 pin insulator and other ANSI 55 series insulators is manufactured and tested according to ANSI 29.1 and ANSI C29.5.

ANSI 55-4 pin insulator              porcelain pin insulator

Our porcelain pin insulators are manufactured as per electrical industry standards to ensure trouble free operation. These ANSI 55-4 pin insulator products are available in both one piece and multi piece construct are less vulnerable to damage and can normally withstand the line voltage for a considerable time without difficulty. Our ANSI 55-4 pin insulator is used in low cost distribution lines.

The Lead Thimble of ANSI 55-4 pin insulator is as per IS: 2486 (Part II), and can be divided into small or large types. The spindle also can be steel material type. Porcelain pin insulators are mainly as per IS: 731, BS: 137 and IEC: 383.

Are you finding insulator price guide of porcelain pin insulators? You can get ANSI 55-4 pin insulator price list from Orient Power and make a better choice when you buy this type electrical insulator. Orient Power is a service-focused company that takes pride having porcelain pin insulators and ANSI 55-4 pin insulator products knowledge and quality products to offer.

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