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Advantage of suspension type insulator

 Advantage of suspension type insulator has many used on transmission and distribution overhead power lines.

Advantage of suspension type insulator

Compared to other line insulators, the Advantage of suspension type insulator has
◆ High mechanical strength
◆ Easy to maintain
◆ Used on any voltage power lines
◆ Used flexibly, suspension insulator is normally used in suspension string, if one is destroyed, we can use new replacing the bad one
◆ Low voltage suspension insulator is cheap

Suspension type insulator can be made from porcelain and polymer materials, the advantage of suspension type insulator polymer
◆ Designed in high voltage insulator, such as 500kv suspension insulator
◆ Used any pollution areas
◆ Excellent hydrophobic resistance
◆ Acid and corrosion resistance

Except advantage of suspension type insulator, there is some disadvantage of suspension type insulator, such as high voltage polymer suspension insulator doesn’t easily transmit.


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