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Advantages of pin type insulator

There are many advantages of pin type insulator made from porcelain or composite, which are used for transmission and distribution of electric power at voltages up to 36 kV.

 pin type insulator

Advantages of pin type insulator
◆ Porcelain or composite pin type Insulators are required to withstand both mechanical and electrical stresses.
◆ Excellent performance
◆ Self-cleaning
◆ Shock resistance
◆ Acid resistance

Porcelain and polymer pin type insulators are used for the transmission of lower voltages. A single pin type insulator is used to transmit voltages up to 11 kV and higher voltages require two-, three- or four-piece pin insulators.

Compared with other insulators, the advantages of pin type insulator
◆ Suitable price
◆ For transmission and distribution insulator
◆ Rich experience for porcelain pin type insulators

Transmission insulators come in various shapes and types, including tie top pin insulator and clamp top pin insulator. They are made of polymers and porcelain--each with different densities, tensile strengths and performing properties in adverse conditions.

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