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Anti fog disc insulator

Anti fog disc insulator is popularly used in pollution areas for HV and EHV transmission overhead lines for supporting and insulating.

Anti fog disc insulator

According to insulator design, Anti fog disc insulator can be divided into
◆ Bell type insulator
◆ Aerodynamic type insulator
◆ Double shed type insulator
◆ Triple shed type insulator

The importance of aerodynamic effects in the pollution of Anti fog disc insulators lies not only in their universality – every insulator, whatever its electrical condition, is subject to airborne contaiminants – but also in their long range.

The duty covered the surface of insulator which can cause flashover, Anti fog disc insulator can be used in heavy pollution areas.

Protected creepage distance for Anti fog disc insulator is necessary. Both shapes have 50- 60% “protected” creepage accessible to washing inaccessible, big creepage distance has much better performance.


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