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Brown porcelain pin type insulators

Brown porcelain pin type insulatorsare made by porcelain consisting of porcelain unit and spindle used for high voltage lines with voltage up to 36kV.

Brown porcelain pin type insulator

The properties for Brown porcelain pin type insulators
◆ Materials: porcelain
◆ The end fittings materials: stainless steel
◆ Used For transmission and distribution lines
◆ Color: brown

The some technical parameters of brown porcelain pin type insulators
Porcelain Pin type insulator voltage: 10KV, 11KV, 12KV, 22KV, 24KV, 25KV, 33KV, 35KV, 36KV
◆ Porcelain pin type insulator: 4KN,6KN,8KN,10KN,12.5KN,16KN

Brown porcelain pin type insulators are made by wet process porcelain for high mechanical strength, more countries used this color porcelain pin insulator. You can learn more information about pin insulator in Orient Power website.


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