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Ceramic Pin type insulator construction

Ceramic Pin type insulator construction has porcelain units and insulator pin used for medium and low voltage transmission and distribution lines.

Ceramic   Pin type insulator


Pin type insulator application
Pin type insulators are used for the transmission of lower voltages. A single pin type insulator is used to transmit voltages up to11 kV (kilovolts) and higher voltages require two-, three- or four-piece pin insulators. They are not economically feasible for 33 kV and higher transmission lines. Pin type insulators are secured with steel or lead bolts onto transmission poles. These are typically used for straight-running transmission lines

For Pin type insulator construction, firstly, we should collect the materials for pin type insulator. Porcelain pin type insulator is made by porcelain, clay and so on with high service life. Polymer pin type insulator is made from silicone rubber with high quality and competitive price.

Different type pin insulator has different performance, if you want to know pin type insulator construction detail, please visit Orient Power website.


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