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Ceramic insulator properties

Ceramic insulator properties have many deciding the insulator usage or quality. Ceramic insulator properties include voltage, mechanical or performance and so on.

Ceramic insulator properties

mechanical strength test

Ceramic insulator properties have
◆ Insulator rated voltage: 10KV, 11KV, 12KV, 22KV, 24KV, 25KV, 33KV, 35KV, 36KV, 66KV, 69Kv, 110KV, 115kV, 132kV, 161kV, 220KV, 230KV, 330Kv, 400KV, 500KV
◆ Mechanical strength: 2KN, 4KN, 6KN, 8KN, 10KN, 12.5KN, 13kN, 16KN, 35kN, 40kN 70KN, 80KN, 97KN, 100KN, 120KN, 210KN, 300KN, 530KN
◆ Color: grey, white, brown, green, blue etc.
◆ Application: used on transmission and distribution lines, substations and electrical device
◆ Made from ceramic materials
◆ Made by wet process porcelain

Ceramic insulator properties – insulator performance
◆ Long term service life
◆ Earthquake resistance
◆ Corrosion resistance
◆ Acid resistance
◆ Electrical performance
◆ Anti-pollution resistance

Ceramic insulator properties have excellent mechanical strength including tensile strength, bending strength, compression strength and torsion strength.


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