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Ceramic insulators

Ceramic insulators include Pin Insulator, Post Insulator, Distribution Transmission, Long Rod Insulators, Line Post Insulator, Stay Insulators, Low Voltage Spool and Shackle Insulators, etc.

Ceramic insulators

Transformer bushing for outdoor and indoor is used as structure carrying on conductor through a partition from the transformer tank.

Low voltage application, these insulators are fitted on low voltage overhead lines (1.1 KV) for fixing of conductor to poles and in the distribution system of the town with leakage path 150 mm up to 280 mm with bending load up to 18 KN depend on the spindle the client is going to fix it with.

The low voltage distribution transformer bushings with creepage distance up to 100 mm are manufactured with support the low voltage side of the transformer to carry the output cables up to 3150A.

Ceramic insulator, Cap and pin insulators are generally used on overhead transmission and distribution network to evacuate bulk power over long distances.


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