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Ceramic pin insulator

Ceramic pin insulator is made up of porcelain unit, iron cap, steel pin. The iron cap and steel pin are assembled with porcelain part with cement.

Ceramic pin insulator

Ceramic pin insulator

Properties of Ceramic pin insulators:
◆ Used on high tension power distribution towers
◆ Porcelain is by far the most commonly used insulating material but there are a number of composite styles as well
◆ Ceramic pin insulators revolutionized the power distribution industry allowing much higher voltage protection.

Ceramic pin insulator has two types of thread, one is only shaped by porcelain, and this type of insulator will be fitted with lead head spindle. ANSI standard requires like this. Another thread type is cement a zinc sleeve on the pin inner hole, and these types of insulator will be fitted with steel head spindle.

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