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Ceramic pin type insulator 22kV

Ceramic pin type insulator 22kV is often used in long-term electrical systems such as power lines. Clay and feldspar are some of the materials used to create ceramic electrical insulators. These kinds of insulators tend to work for many years and can maintain their shape and function despite hard conditions. Additionally, ceramics can form the often complex shapes required for effective insulation, which makes them useful for many specific applications.

Ceramic pin type insulator               Ceramic pin type insulator 22kV

The economical design for our Ceramic pin type insulators 22kV lasts far longer in the field. With many in operation for the last 25 years, IEC Ceramic pin type insulator 22kV exhibits no change in their mechanical/electrical characteristics, proving to be highly reliable in the field. Our porcelain insulator is approved by the RUS.

Ceramic pin type insulator 22kV manufacturing ways:
Wet process porcelain is mixed wet, plunged in a mold, threads plunged, shaped on a wheel or turning machine, then dried, glazed, and fired at very high temperatures. The porcelain for porcelain pin type insulator, when properly made, lacks the tiny cracks and voids found in dry process porcelain. The key is to remove the air from the clay during mixing

Dry process Ceramic pin type insulator 22kV, where unglazed, appear grainy and may have dark lines where dirt has entered the tiny cracks and holes in the clay.


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