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China composite insulator

China composite insulator is widely used in electrical systems, overhead transmission lines, power plants and substations or other electrical equipment for supporting and insulating.

China composite insulator             China composite insulator

According to insulator materials, China composite insulator has
◆ Porcelain ceramic insulator: made by porcelain, chemical stability, Anti-aging resistant, mechanical and electrical properties stability, used on heavy contamination areas
Polymer insulators: made by Synthetic rubber, own light weight, high mechanical strength, anti-pollution and flashover resistance, easy to maintain
◆ Glass insulator: made by toughened glass, good anti- aging performance

According to insulator application, China composite insulator has
◆ Transmission line insulator: used on overhead transmission lines
◆ Station insulator: used on building stations

According to insulator voltage grade, China composite insulator has
◆ Low voltage insulator: below 1000v
◆ High voltage insulator: over 1kV

China composite insulator used on overhead lines, which consist of conductor, overhead ground wire, insulator strings, towers, grounding devices.


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