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Clevis To Clevis

The Clevis to clevis is a kind of connection hardware, Clevis to clevis have the same structure on the both side, the end of clevis to clevis is consist of three parts, they are Body, Clevis Pin, Cotter Pin.

Clevis To Clevis

The main material of Clevis to Clevis is different for the three parts,
◆ Body, the material of body is Ductile Iron, Galvanized
◆ Clevis Pin, the material of Clevis pin is galvanized steel,
◆ Cotter Pin, cotter pin’s material is stainless steel.

Clevis To Clevis are used to attach clevis tongue insulators to various associated hardware within an insulator string,

Corona free Clevis to clevis is another type fitting which are used at EHV levels to attach clevis tongue insulators to various associated hard ware within an insulator string,

The Clevis to clevis has several advantages:
◆ Easy- installation and it can curtail the working time, it also can be finished by one person.
◆ Clevis to Clevis can guarantee the installation quality, it can be inspect by eyes without any training.
◆ Good corrosion resistance, choose good quality material, the main material of Clevis to clevis is Galvanized Ductile Iron.

Clevis to clevis bear a huge tension strength, at the same time they also have to guarantee the good connection, so the quality and proper use and installation are very important to power transmission.


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