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Composite bushing insulator

Composite bushing insulator is hollow core insulators consisting of silicone rubber housing, insulator metal fittings and tube used with switch, circuit breaker and so on.

Composite bushing insulator

Composite bushing insulator can be divided into small bushings used for 6kv to 36kv and big bushings up to 1000kv with the excellent tension strength.

Composite bushing insulator also called hollow composite insulator, the advantages of Composite bushing insulator
◆ Safety: explosion proof, no collateral damage; resistant against vandalism; flashover resistant by the suppression of leakage currents
◆ Maintenance free: used in high level pollution environment
◆ Easy to use, lower light, easy to handle and install
◆ Excellent hydrophobicity
◆ Over 30 years-service time

Composite bushing insulator has earthquake resistance to strength the insulator stability used in Crust unstable regions.


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