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Composite insulators,porcelain insulators,hybrid insulators

Composite insulators, porcelain insulators, hybrid insulators are three different insulating material insulator, both of them are used on distribution and transmission line, composite insulator, porcelain insulators, hybrid insulators are have reliable performance in various applications in the world.

Composite insulators

Composite insulators are discovered several decades ago and have high speed develop. Composite insulator is made by composite house which is made by three raw material, white carbon black, alumina power, Gum, over a reinforce fiberglass rod and attached hot dip galvanized steel end fittings, it have a many advantages, high resistance to erosion, good resistance to flashover and so on.

hybrid insulators

Hybrid insulators, this type insulator have a porcelain core and polymeric housing, it combined the advantage of porcelain insulator and polymer insulator, so it have high mechanical strength and excellent electrical performance under polluted environments.

porcelain insulators

Porcelain insulator is a kind of traditional insulator used on distribution line, the material is good commercial grade wet-process porcelain, it can used both in high voltage system and low voltage system, they provide a long life and low cost solution for the majority of application.


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