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Composite line post insulator

Composite line post insulator combines the technologies of fiberglass reinforced rod, metal fittings and silicone rubber shed & housing with excellent insulation.

Composite line post insulator

Two designs are used to produce composite line post insulator, they are
◆ Unibody – this design composite line post insulator are one piece injection molded directly to the rod and sealed to the end fittings, so the composite insulators have dielectric strength and can be used in pollution areas
◆ Modular – used for standard distribution insulators

The characteristics of Composite line post insulator
◆ A high quality fiberglass reinforced rod is the core of composite insulator to provide good mechanical strength at least twice the maximum working load
◆ End fittings are manufactured, designed and tested meeting ANSI & IEC standards made of stainless steel, got dip galvanized steel and aluminum.
◆ Silicone rubber housing made from silicone rubber for protecting the rod
◆ Silicone rubber sheds provide creepage distance, different number of or different pollution areas choose different composite line post insulator

Composite line post insulator can be divided into tie top line posts and clamp top line posts used with line post insulator stud installed on cross arm.


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