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Composite pin insulator manufacturers in China

There are many composite pin insulator manufacturers in China, and Orient Power is one of them and has been focusing primarily on composite insulators for above 15 years.

Composite pin insulator            Composite pin insulator manufacturers in China   

A selection of the composite pin insulators answering the needs of Orient Power customers in term of standards (ANSI), current practices and environmental conditions. ANSI standard C29.11 sets the basic and minimum requirements for this type of insulator. Orient Power composite insulators meet and exceed the performance requirements of ANSI standards.

Orient Power factory introduced composite insulators in 1999, after a 10-year research and development program. The dependability of the Orient Power design has been demonstrated by the excellent performance of nearly more polymer insulators now installed worldwide at voltages from 10 kV to 1000 kV.

The Orient Power group is a world leader in the electrical insulator industry, specialized in composite, toughened glass and porcelain insulators for high voltage transmission lines and substations.

Orient Power is a leading pin insulator manufacturer in China, welcome to visit Orient Power factory.


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