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Composite pin insulator

Composite pin insulator consists of FRP core, silicone rubber shed, housing and end fittings used on distribution lines.

Composite pin insulator

Composite pin insulator

◆ The rod of Composite pin insulator
The quality of the rod is a key for the long term mechanical reliability of a pin insulator. Orient customized fiberglass reinforced resin rod formulation for composite pin insulator provides outstanding performance under the most severe field conditions.

◆ The shed of Composite pin insulator
The silicone rubber shed for Composite pin insulators, adopts the whole packing pressure technique, and then to solve the key problem---interface electric spark puncture, which would affect the reliability of Composite pin insulator.

About Orient Power:
Orient Power property of an electrical insulator has high starting-point, high quality, high Level carries out ISO9001 Quality Management System comprehensively, has established complete Quality Guarantee System for composite pin insulator.


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