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Composite pin-type insulator

Orient Power offers Composite pin-type insulator for electrical system applications for overhead distribution lines and low voltage telephone pole line needs.

Composite pin-type insulator

The properties of Composite pin-type insulator:
◆ Used for 10kv to 36kv
◆ Available contamination level
◆ Mechanical strength up to 20kN
◆ High reliability through accumulated technology
◆ Over 30years service life
◆ Color: red, grey

The advantages of composite pin-type insulators:
◆ Low costs
◆ Self-cleaning
◆ No breakage during transportation, handling
◆ Light weight
◆ Used in pollution areas

Composite pin-type insulator can be made from polymer silicone rubber used distribution lines. Composite pin-type insulator also called polymer pin insulator made by whole injection method.


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