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Composite post insulator

Composite post insulator is made of insulation materials, silicone rubber has been used as housing and shed materials, FRP as core rod materials, iron or stainless steel as insulator end fittings materials.

Composite post insulator

Composite post insulators are a technically alternative to conventional ceramic type post insulators, used at the substations and stations for high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage range from 10kV to 1100kV.

The braced post insulators are used effectively at the voltage ranges from 69kv to 345kv and offer both urban aesthetics in a low environment impact.

The mechanical strength of Composite post insulators
◆ Torsion strength
◆ Compression strength
◆ Bending strength
◆ Cantilever strength

Composite post insulator made of silicone rubber, they can offer advantages of light weight, vandal resistance, excellent electrical properties and contamination performance by insulator designs.


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