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Composite suspension insulators

Composite suspension insulators manufactured using special steel fitting, fittings end labyrinth design principles, good layers of protection, sealing performance, solve the most critical issues insulator---interface electrical breakdown.

Composite suspension insulators

Epoxy glass fiber insulation is cited mandrel pull rods short, it is the skeleton of composite insulators, plays a supporting umbrella cover, internal insulation, coupling fittings at both ends, and withstand the mechanical load multiple roles, with high tensile strength, generally up to 600Mpa above, is 2 times the ordinary steel, 5 to 8 times porcelain material.

Connection fittings and the mandrel using the most advanced computer-controlled constant coaxial crimping process, and is equipped with fully automatic acoustic emission flaw detection system to ensure the reliability and stability of gold coupled with the mandrel.

Composite suspension insulators, ERC mandrel using high temperature acid tank, the mandrel is coated with a special silicone rubber interface coupling.


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