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Conductor hardware

Conductor hardware is used in power system connecting the conductors and the other assemblies and made from hot dip galvanized iron or steel.

Conductor hardware

Conductor hardware also called metal fitting because of the manufacturing materials. The iron or aluminum metal accessories are widely used in transmission and distribution lines, substations and power plant.

Conductor hardware is made of two materials:
◆ hot-dip galvanized iron
◆ steel or stainless steel
◆ ductile iron

Conductor hardware is one metal accessory that is connecting to the power system and the combination of various types of devices, and playing the role of passing mechanical load, electrical load and a certain protection.

Power is so important in our daily life. We can’t image the feature without power. As one part of power system, the Importance of conductor hardware can be imagined.

Conductor hardware includes dampers, strain clamps and suspension clamps and so on used with insulators for supporting wires or conductors.


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