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Conductors are widely used in the transmission & distribution lines. Guys are one of stay assemblies used to support the electrical poles or towers.


Most overhead distribution conductors are made of stranded aluminum, although some conductors may be made of stranded copper, solid aluminum, or solid copper. Conductor sizes can vary, depending on the material used and on the conductor’s carrying capacity.

Most distribution conductors are bare wires, although some may have a weatherproof covering for protection against corrosive elements in the air or abrasion from trees. Some conductors may be insulated, especially overhead lines near playgrounds and schools , or whether there is not enough clearance for bare wires.

Main install ways for overhead distribution conductors:

Secondary conductors are typically mounted vertically where the conductors are strung separately.

Distribution poles sometimes have to be reinforced to withstand the pull of conductors, the weight of equipment, and other forces. This reinforcement is frequently done with anchored wires called guy wires. Although guys can vary, they are all designed to reinforce and stabilize poles.

A down guy, which is sometimes called an anchor guy, is connected from a pole to an anchor in the ground.


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