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Creepage distance in insulators

Creepage distance in insulators is very important data for insulator design and affected by weather, air humidity and humid environment.

Creepage principle
Between the two poles of insulator surface has a slight discharge phenomenon. The reason that insulator surface generally dendritic or leaf-shaped discharging trace. Discharging trace is not communicating poles. Discharging is normally not continuous, but in particular conditions, discharge is easily to occur, such as pollution environment.

Why creepage distance in insulators is important?
◆ If the dirty was covered the insulator surface, the insulator mechanical strength would reduce. So in the humid environment, creepage phenomenon is easily to happen
◆ Voltage distributes uneven, easily lead to partical discharge
◆ Insulator used in electrical systems is not safety


Creepage distance in insulators can be affected by insulator material, pollution levels and insulator rated voltage. Big creepage distance in insulators is usually used high pollution areas.

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