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DP55-2 pin insulator

DP55-2 pin insulator is designed and manufactured in accordance with ANSI C29.5 standards, which is used on distribution power lines.

DP55-2 pin insulator

DP55-2 pin insulator is generally made from porcelain materials, also called porcelain pin type insulator or ceramic pin insulator. The technical data for dp55-2 pin insulators

Creepage distance 127mm
Dry arcing distance 86mm
Cantilever strength 2500lbs(11KN)
Low frequency flashover voltage(dry) 45kV
Low frequency flashover voltage(wet) 25kV
Positive critical impulse flashover voltage 70kV
negative critical impulse flashover voltage 85kV
Low frequency puncture voltage 70kV
Radio influence voltage at 15kv 50 microvolts max    
Color Grey
Applicable standard ANSI C29.5-1984

DP55-2 pin insulator is designed in tie-top type, used in distribution lines, which incorporate a clamping mechanism in to the top of the insulator to provide quick and easy conductor installation without the need for additional tie products.


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