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Designing composite Insulators

 An important feature of the designing composite insulators developed here is that the design of the shed configuration is extremely free, owing to the use of silicone rubber for the housing. Based on past experience,
◆ IEC 60815 "Guide for the selection of insulators in respect of polluted conditions"
◆ Electrical and mechanical characteristics were designed to satisfy the requirements set forth in IEC 61109 "Composite insulators for AC overhead lines with a nominal voltage greater than 1000 V: Definitions, test methods and acceptance criteria".

Designing composite Insulator drawing

Designing composite Insulator drawing

With regard to pollution design, it has been suggested that because of the hydrophobic properties of silicone rubber, composite insulators can be designed more compactly than in the past, but because of the absence of adequate data it was decided in principle to provide as great or greater surface leakage distances. The design value for leakage distance was referenced to the value per unit electrical stress as determined in IEC 60815, adjusted upward or downward according to customer requirements.

If you provide the composite insulator drawings, Orient Power can produces the insulator according to your requirement.


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