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Dielectric behavior of polluted porcelain insulators

With the development of industrial economy, emissions, waste water makes the environment seriously contaminated. In the electric filed, dielectric behavior of polluted porcelain insulators is very important.

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A major problem of insulation systems is the accumulation of airborne pollutants due to natural, industrial or even mixed pollution, during the dry weather period and their subsequent wetting, mainly by high humidity. This problem was the motivation for the installation of a test station to perform laboratory tests on artificially polluted insulators.

Inspect Dielectric behavior of polluted porcelain insulators in which conditions?
The experiments carried out, using either the salt fog method or the solid layer cool fog method, gave numerous experimental data (maximum withstand voltage against pollution, ratio between leakage distance and minimum flashover voltage against pollution, maximum withstand salinity at a given applied voltage, leakage current, etc.) for several insulator types.

The experimental results permitted a highly accurate evaluation of the arc constants of the insulator by means of a mathematical procedure. It has been proved that the computed values of the arc constants are independent of the insulator type and the kind of pollution.

We can design suitable porcelain insulators in accordance with the results.


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