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Disc and pin insulator

Disc and pin insulator is used on distribution overhead power lines, but disc insulator can also be used on any voltage level transmission power lines.

Disc and pin insulator            Disc and pin insulator

Disc and pin insulator has some differences, they are
◆ Disc insulator
1. Disc insulator can be designed in disc shapes and used in transmission and distribution power lines
2. Disc insulator can be used any voltage level according to the number of insulator string
3. Disc insulator can be divided into common and anti-fog insulator according to usage conditions
4. Disc insulator used flexible in the electrical systems
5. The mechanical strength of disc insulator: 70kn, 80kn, 90kn, 100kn, 120kn, 160kn, 210kn, 300kn, 530kn

◆ Pin insulator
1. Pin insulator rated voltage: 11kv, 22kv, 33kv
2. Pin insulator can be used only distribution power lines
3. Pin insulator mechanical strength has: 2kn, 4kn, 6kn, 8kn, 10kn, 12.5kn

Disc and pin insulator has some differences, they are
◆ Materials: can be made from porcelain or polymer materials
◆ Application: distribution power lines
◆ In some conditions, they can exchange each other
◆ Test standards: IEC60383 and ANSI C29.1 and C29.11

Disc and pin insulator is different type electrical insulator, such as insulator design and manufacture is different according to different standards.


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