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Disc and pin insulators

Disc and pin insulators have some differences and common in accordance with insulator application, insulator types and insulator materials.

Disc and pin insulators          Disc and pin insulators

According to insulator materials, Disc and pin insulators can be divided into
Porcelain pin type insulator, composite pin insulator, glass pin insulator
◆ Porcelain disc insulator, composite suspension insulator, glass disc suspension insulator

According to insulator types, Disc and pin insulators have differences and common
The common of Disc and pin insulators
◆ They can be divided into common insulator and anti-fog insulator

The differences of Disc and pin insulators
◆ Anti-fog disc insulator can be divided into trip shed type, double shed type, bell type and hat type
◆ Anti-fog pin insulator is 900mm creepage distance pin insulator

According to insulator application, Disc and pin insulators have differences
◆ Disc insulator is used for transmission and distribution power lines
◆ Pin insulator is usually used for distribution overhead power lines

There are still many differences between Disc and pin insulators, you can learn some information about them through Orient Power website.


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