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Disc insulator calculation

Disc insulator calculation is normally creepage distance and voltage, also including some electrical properties, such as power frequency dry flashover voltage.

Disc insulator calculation

The characteristics of Disc insulator calculation
◆ Creepage distance: 178mm, 210mm, 292mm, 280mm, 171mm, 255mm, 295mm,320mm, 370mm, 432mm, 600mm
◆ Power frequency puncture voltage: 80kv, 90kv, 110kv, 120kv, 140kv
◆ Power frequency dry flashover voltage: 60kv, 65kv, 80kv
◆ Power frequency wet flashover voltage: 30kv, 35kv, 50kv, 40kv, 42kv, 45kv, 55kv
◆ Rated E & M failing load: 44kn, 70kn, 111kn, 160kn, 100kn, 120kn, 210kn, 300kn, 530kn

The operating voltage calculates in accordance with creepage distance for disc insulator. The formula is made by the technical staff in accordance with the insulator specification.

Disc insulator calculation includes insulator technical data for insulator usage, different data for disc insulator used for different voltage and position.


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