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Disc insulator

 Disc insulator is one main of porcelain suspension insulator and designed in disc shape, also called cap and pin type insulator.

Disc insulator

The features of disc insulator
◆ The head portion of ball pin and cap are suitably designed so that when the insulator is under tension the stress are uniformly distributed as compression over the pin hole portion of the shell
◆ Disc insulator is designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with insulator standard / insulator specification
◆ Disc insulator and insulator end fittings come in contact with cement
◆ Usually made from porcelain material
◆ Normally used on transmission power lines

Disc insulator can be designed in accordance with ANSI C29.2 and IEC 60305 standards, the code number of Disc insulator
◆ ANSI C29.2 specification: ANSI 52-1, ANSI 52-2, ANSI 52-3, ANSI 52-4, ANSI 52-5, ANSI 52-6, ANSI 52-8, ANSI 52-9A
◆ IEC 60305 specification: U40B, U40BP, U70BS, U70BL, U70BLP, U100BS, U100BL, U100BLP, U120B, U120BP, U160BSP, U160BS, U160BL, U160BLP, U210B, U210BP, U300B, U3000BP, U400B, U500B, U70C, U70CP, U100C, U100CP, U120C, U120CP, U160C, U160CP, U210C, U210CP


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